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Ten habits to improve your sexual health

A state of physical, emotional, mental and social related to sexuality. Thus defines the World Health Organization (WHO) sexual health. To Silvia Sanz Garcã a, psychologist and director of the clinic Psytel, sexual health is "have healthy relationships with mutual respect, enjoying the sex, the practitioner of safe mode and with protection and without doing anything that does not wish to".
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Vicente Briet, member of the Spanish Federation of Societies of Sexology (FESS) and director of the Center Vincent Briet, in Alicante, emphasizes the relationship between mental and sexual health. "There are mental illnesses that can lead to sexual dysfunctions, by the own pathologies or by the drugs with those who are treated. In the same way, the sexual dysfunctions can lead to depression or anxiety," indicates.

One of the problems it finds Santiago Frago, Doctor and professor of the master of Sexology of the University Camilo Jose Cela, is that the western life style does not facilitate the devoted to love, eroticism, nor to the couple.
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It is therefore important to encourage those moments, in addition to strengthening some healthy habits such as smoking cessation, proper diet, active life, space for leisure, etc.

experts explain in more detail how to improve the sexual health:
1) Exercise regularly

Briet asserts that "the exercise we will experience an improvement emotional and, this state of well-being and satisfaction, would certainly increase the libido. In addition, regular exercise will improve the physical condition, which helps to enjoy more in bed".

The expert bet by swimming as exercise of low impact. "It is a sport that in women, can strengthen the tone of the pelvic floor, important to tackle sexual dysfunctions, as vaginismus and the difficulty to achieve orgasm. In men, it is good to overcome problems of control of ejaculation and improve erections".

The Pilates is beneficial to improve sexual life, always and when we do not have problems of pelvic floor. "If you have, you must resolve them first so that these exercises do not exacerbate the situation," says Briet.
2) Leave the tobacco

The member of FESS aims to research that lends support to the prejudice of tobacco consumption in the erectile function. "The Tobacco affects blood flows of the penis, advancing the premature aging of your arteries," says.
3) Have a balanced diet
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"Men who base their diet in a high content in saturated fat presented until a 38 percent decrease in the concentration of sperm in the ejaculate, and a 41 percent less sperm," says Briet.
4) Do not perform risk practices

a good sexual health depends on multiple factors. "Among the most important is the use of contraceptive methods, which help prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and unplanned pregnancies," explains Sexologist The of Alicante.

Jose Luis Married Santamaría, sexologist and therapist of the Center Sexológico Senso, Valladolid and ensures that a negligent exercise of sexuality becomes reason of health problems, of suffering and of personal and social imbalance.

Married recalls that:

Stis do not distinguish if it is homosexual, women, young man, bisexual, high, heterosexual, etc. All of them can touch.

The only way to prevent STIS is the condom.

5) Use contraceptives

married recommends know all contraceptive methods: barrier methods (mechanical or chemical), hormonal methods, IUDS and surgical methods. Warns that the reverse is not a contraceptive method.
6) practice techniques of self-control Emotional

stress usually produce a decrease in sexual desire to reduce the level of testosterone in the blood. In these cases, "the regular practice of breathing, muscle relaxation and the mindfulness or meditation can help regulate emotions", stresses Briet.
7) Avoid toxic relations

also in the emotional plane, it is necessary to avoid the toxic relations. "Any relationship must be a relationship between equals, consented to by both parties, without pressure, blackmail or violence", stresses married.

In a relationship, the pleasure, the tenderness and the affections, share. It is also necessary to defend the right to unlink

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